I am a freelance conservator with a decade’s experience in Restoration & Conservation. My work is centred around private homes, listed buildings, historical monuments and commercial properties. I have worked on numerous of Restoration & Conservation projects, I am highly skilled in the restoration of stone, brick and stucco.

My goal is to accentuate the value of the object whilst preserving the original features.
Value is of paramount importance, measuring the subjective impact that a given event has on the person.
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History is a series of events that is passed down from generation to generation, leaving a heritage in a multitude of ways.
Architecture is one such legacy and for this reason should be maintained. Its beauty pleases the individual's aesthetic sensibility, its history is what we gain in the broadest sense and its contribution to society is the good that it brings.

Preserving the original highlighting the value, this is what reSTaURACI is about.



  • Condition reports
  • Defect diagnosis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Schedule of works
  • Contract & procurement advice
  • Monitoring commissioning and inspections.
  • Estimating

Contract Management

  • Contractual assistance to the client
  • Writing of contractual letters and contract variations
  • Assistance with costs
  • Procurement and negotiation with preferred contractors
  • Contract administration
  • Contract advice (Extension of Time & Loss / Expense)
  • Final project handover

Project Management

  • Project planning
  • Client and project brief administration
  • Outline project programmes
  • Monthly update programmes
  • Close out

My expertise range goes from residential properties to commercial including Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed buildings. I can manage your project from start to completion remaining the primary point of contact throughout.

Types of projects I carry out:

  • Stone & brick repair
  • Stone & brick cleaning
  • Repointing for period properties
  • Colour & material matching
  • Traditional railings
  • Traditional tiling
  • Façade restoration

For other services just ask, I may be able to help you!