My initial studies were to become a surveyor but in the background I was motivated by my passion for restoration and modelling, an interest I had from an early age. Once I graduated I wanted to expand my skill set, I was able to do this when I came across Restoration and Conservation.

I felt I had discovered my true vocational purpose. I started to study Restoration and Conservation taking part in a project organized by the University of Catania, the State Academy of Fine Arts and the Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage of Lecce and the Institute for the Conservation and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage of Florence.

Due to my studies I understood how vital is to respect the cultural Heritage in order to preserve our history and knowledge and pass it to future generations.
While I was studying I deepened my expertise further by undertaking internships in laser cleaning of marble statues at Florence Cathedral and conservation of painted Gothic wooden beams and stucco details at Nicosia Cathedral (EN), Italy.
Since completing my studies I have worked mainly in stone conservation and restoration of Sicilian Baroque and stucco details in Ortigia island, Siracusa, Italy.

After moving to London I have been involved in the restoration of buildings, from residential property to commercial properties mainly in Central London, including Grade 1 and 2 listed buildings.
Thanks to my previous experience, knowledge exchange with other local professionals and study I furthered my skills in brick restoration and pointing.